Community Contract

Contract With The Community

In order to co-exist and collaborate with present programs serving the same millennial generation
demographic in middle-Georgia, we thought it necessary to document our program intentions.
We hope this contract with the community will dispel any misnomers about the goals and
objectives of CREATE.

CREATE will:
1) Primarily focus our initiatives in the area of arts, technology, and education towards the
underserved in middle-Georgia, which are in our demographic.
2) Promote CCM to youth in 4th to 12th grades, with future consideration towards 3rd graders.
3) Intentionally pursue collaboration/partnership with all related entities/programs to create
a better product of service; specifically those who provide their service free of charge to
the family.
4) Support all present programs that have an “arts, technology, and education” focus as they
include the underserved population; specifically those who provide their service free of
charge to the family.
5) Promote CCM’s initiatives as an important “piece” of the holistic-approach puzzle
6) Always encourage our CCM participants to join their school-programs that support their
artistic discipline (Chorus, Band).

Now here are things we pledge NOT to do.

CREATE will:
1. NOT discourage any member from participating in any school-produced function
(football, basketball). With parental participation, we will design a plan that fit the needs
of that child.
2. NOT initiate the creation of a private or charter school. We will only support our present
schools and their leadership through program partnerships, if they so desire.
3. NOT supplant the authority of school leadership. We will make every effort to partner in
areas where we can agree.

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