Project Create


 Center for Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology & Enterprise

A Social Enterprise, Community-Based, & Public-Benefit Initiative


Campus Club Milledgeville announces the initiative Project CREATE. Project CREATE is a social-enterprise, community-based, & public-benefit initiative that integrates fine-arts, community & economic enrichment. Designed to generate solutions to local/regional problems, we create FREE state-of-the-art interactive learning opportunities to achieve socio-economic mobility to underserved communities. We recognize that “Knowledge is now recognized as the driver of productivity and economic growth” . Through community re-investment, Project CREATE sacrifices bottom-line financial net-profits in order to impact the social, human, and economic-mobility of families in Baldwin County and the middle-Georgia region.


  • Provide socially enriching programs that are FREE to the community;
  • Provide a sustainable revenue stream for said programming through our enterprise initiatives
  • To generate solutions to local/regional problems, via career, community and economic development, while emphasizing Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology & Enterprise;
  • To repurpose the Downtown CREATE facility and the CREATE Main facility to focus on career, community and economic development initiatives, while emphasizing Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology, and Enterprise.


Industrial Space:

  • Big Truck Parking Lot
  • Industrial Warehousing

Area for Career Development:

  • Project CREATE’s Incubator-Makerspace-This program promotes, establishes and grows start-up companies and other compatible businesses, in Baldwin County. We see this as an important tool in the economic development of the area. Stage One (Pre-Incubator) is to create a community-based pilot-program similar to the GENIE virtual incubator that links small businesses in rural Georgia to resources at Georgia Southern University. This Genie system does not cover Baldwin County.
  • Project CREATE’s Workforce Development Program (wfdp) is a pilot project to be developed and implemented to serve young adults. It will provide access to high-quality experiential/vocational learning opportunities that engages, and motivates young minds. CREATE-wfdp will introduce the required vocational competencies for successful entry into STEM-Art and its allied professions. This will provide an overview of career options in the Arts, A/V Communication Career Cluster to include apprenticeships/internships and practicum experience
  • STEM-Related High Demand Career Initiatives The High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI), led by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), University System of Georgia (USG) and the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) addresses Georgia’s important workforce needs. The report focuses on the future needs of strategic industries in Georgia, including agriculture, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, defense, film, television, interactive entertainment, healthcare, life sciences, information technology, logistics and manufacturing. We will provide training space for STEM-related HDCI’S. 3. Community Center (Events, Festivals, Fairs, Conventions and Conferences) For local events
  • Community Performance Theatre
  • Indoor Community Swimming Pool

Convention/Conference Center(Events, Festivals, Fairs, Conventions and Conferences) For larger events

  • Multi-plex • Family Play Area
  • Amphitheatre



Nonprofit sustainability requires increased reliance on earned revenues to strengthen nonprofits’ balance sheets, protect them from fluctuations in philanthropic gifts, and stabilize their mission activities during fluctuations in the economy. Social enterprise is an emerging solution to provide new sources of earned revenues to enhance sustainability.  This assures long-term viability in operating concurrent operations geared toward meeting the needs of two or more consumer markets , as seen in the hybrid business model illustration.