Our History


CREATE was formally named Campus Club Milledgeville (CCM). CCM was originally founded in 2007 as a satellite campus of Campus Clubs, Inc, Macon Georgia. Campus Clubs’ founding Board of Directors were driven by their desire to intervene against negative peer pressures and other environmental factors affecting the spiritual and intellectual growth of youth in Middle Georgia. Campus Club Milledgeville became a domestic nonprofit corporation (state of Georgia) in 2011. With its initial core emphasis on arts-based education, CCM has established itself to provide innovative responses to generational barriers in Middle-Georgia’s Southern, which includes Baldwin, Hancock, Putnam, Washington, Wilkinson, and Jones counties. CCM expanded its service to become a fine-art based, community & economic enrichment 501c3 nonprofit designed to generate solutions to local/regional problems. In 2012, CCM made a strategic decision to train the community through the arts while attempting to expand funding-stream opportunities. Hence, social-enterprise was integrated into our long-term planning. In 2016, this culminated in the name change to the Center, for Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology, & Enterprise (CREATE). We will continue to use our popular name Campus Club Milledgeville, until our rebranding is complete.

The Vison of CREATE:

To Provide Innovative Responses to Quality-of-Life Barriers”

The Mission of CREATE:

To use Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology and Enterprise to increase the Quality-of-Life in Baldwin County/Middle Georgia residents.